Penzance Orchestral Society

What was in the wall case.

1. ‘Excelsior’ French Horn made by Hawkes & Co. - supplied to Walter Barnes was played regularly in the Orchestra until about 30 years ago.

2. Music stand - belonged to the late Gladys Tranter.

3. Music score on stand - manuscript score of the Newlyn Suite by Tom Paynter.

4. Writing bureau - presented to Walter Barnes on the occasion of the Society’s ‘coming of age’ in April 1927.

5. On bureau: Two paintings by Jessica Heath (1883 – 1967) - Jessica Heath was the wife of fellow artist, Frank Heath.  These paintings belonged to the Barnes family.

6. Embroidered panels :
Left: embroidered by Gladys Tranter and Enid Truman and presented to Mrs Faith Harris, violinist and President of the Orchestral Society (1968 – 1980), in April 1973 marking fifty years of her membership of the Society.
Centre: Tablecloth signed by all members of the Society, probably embroidered by Gladys Tranter and Enid Truman, and given to Morgan Hosking in the Orchestra’s Diamond Anniversary season.
Right: This panel was presented to Enid and Norman Truman when they retired from their respective posts as Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer in 1984.

7. Tam-Tam (Chinese Gong) - bought by Horace Tempest when the Orchestra were in need of one. 

8. Teatime by Frank Gascoigne Heath (1873 – 1936) The artist, Frank Heath, was also a talented violinist and was a keen and active member of the Society for many years. 

9. White jacket and silk scarf - worn by Morgan Hosking at Orchestral Society concerts.

10. Music stand - Walter Barnes had this made for his daughter, Enid.

11. Orchestral score of the Prelude to Wagner’s Die Meistersinger zu Nürnberg. Given to Morgan Hosking by the Newlyn-born guest conductor, Herbert Ware, after his appearance with the Orchestra in December 1948, together with the programme of the concert and Morgan Hosking’s battered baton.

12. Leather music case - belonged to Walter Barnes.

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