Cattran Family

Cattran from the Penzance Parish of Cornwall


                                                      Richard & Thomas          Held in Akron          Henry & Elizabeth

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Orrie Cattran Chart 1

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Chart 1

Cattran on Newlyn War Memorial          Also Cattran on Madron War Memorial            Cattrans in Wartime

Cattran played in Newlyn Rugby Club with others

Cattran family Chart 1 can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Cattran family Chart 2

Cattran family Chart 3      Thomas Bodilly Sampson 1871-1917  died WW1   

Cattran family Chart 4

Cattran family Chart 5

Some Cattran related wills

Toman relation was charged with the concealment of a birth

The names in the charts come mainly from Mousehole, Paul, and Newlyn.

There are family links in the charts, showing some names that emigrated to the USA. I will add more names as they are identified. Some are connected to the main charts, but I have separated them out for easier understanding.



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