Nicholls Family


Madron Church c1905

Madron War Memorial

West Penwith Map  c1845

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Nicholls Family Chart 1 Descendents of - view with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Sydney Goodman was born 1889 in Penzance Died on the Somme 1917

Nicholls Family Chart 2  The Saddle Maker Penzance.    Showing links to Barnes and Worth.

Nicholls Family chart 3 Links to Barnes and Guard families.

The names in the charts come mainly from Paul, Madron and Penzance.
There are family links in the charts, showing some names that may have emigrated. I will add more names as they are identified. Some are connected to the main charts, but I have separated them out for easier understanding.

Nicholls Barnes 1

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