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Walter Barnes from Penzance

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In 1931, at Penzance Walter Barnes - Pen Ylow (Chief of Music) - was made a Bard of the Cornish Gorseth for services to music in Cornwall.

Walter Barnes : the portrait painted by Stanhope Forbes who immortilised my great-grandmother's son

Two violin solos by Walter Barnes Christmas 1898

1936 Mousehole Male Voice Choir, Orchestra led by Walter Barnes.

A founder member of the Penzance Orchestral Society and one of The Clefs

In 1906, six young men of Penzance who had formed themselves into a musical ensemble called 'The Clefs,' decided to form an Orchestra.
They were Walter Barnes, E. A. Gordon Rogers, George H. Shakerley, Alfred W. Robinson, Barrie B. Bennetts and Osbert Howarth.
The elected conductor was Walter Barnes, who said he had "colossal ignorance of everything appertaining to the conducting of an Orchestra".
The Penzance Amateur Orchestra played their first public concert on April 7th.1907, at St. John's Hall.

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Logo Conductor  250

Walter Barnes one of its founder members conducted the Penzance Orchestral Society.

Cinema jun1921

The Cinema in Penzance was another place to find Walter playing for many years.

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