Chirgwin Family

Chirgwin from various parishes of Cornwall

Chirgwin Add 1915

Paul Cemetries  page.           West Penwith Map  c1845

This name has many variations, and the changes have probably occurred over the years because the persons who entered names in Parish Registers had to guess at the spelling from the sound of the name this was particularly a problem when many people could not read or write. Evidence of this can be seen by comparing the registers of different churches as the families moved around the parishes,

Genealogy information is now made available freely around the world, thanks to the efforts of the LDS and other people who have transcribed many of the church records for us. We still have to check out the details - but these records provide a good background for us.

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Chirgwin family tree's can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Chirgwin family tree Main tree with links to Barnes and Tregoning.

Chirgwin family in Sancreed area of Cornwall and the family that suffered a murder by a Cornishman

Chirgwin family in St Just area of Cornwall

Chirgwin - Kessell connection 

Chirgwin family data collated by D & I Flaxman – to be updated, when time permits

Chirgwin - Gruzelier connection

Chirgwin - Ladner connection

Chirgwin-Teague connection

Chirgwin-Warren connection

Chirgwin - The "White Eyed Musical Kaffir." Born London

Chirgwin George Was in a boating disaster in 1906 at Penzance which was probably one of the saddest in the annals of Penzance.

Mr George Chirgwin

Coxswain of the Penzance lifeboat 1907

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WW1 Deaths in Charts. We Will Remember Them.   

John Chirgwin  

Thomas Warren Chirgwin   The Yorkshire Regiment.  

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