Mann Family

Mann from the Penzance Parish of Cornwall


Mousehole Harbour c1925

The Mann families that resided in the parishes of Mousehole Newlyn & Paul Cornwall in the 1700-1800+.

A lot of the Mann's from the area were engaged in the fishing industary, as can be seen from the 1851 census - being Captains of boats and just ordinary fishermen. Today, this is sadly not the case. Many Mann's and desendants moved away from the area, some emigrateing to Australia New Zealand & USA. Many moved from their trade and their happy life on the sea.

Some of the boats mentioned in the 'Mann' entries in 1851 census:-

Edwin Mann born 1825 (wife Elizabeth Trewavas) in 1851 was part owner of the boat Triton (Mousehole)

Charles Mann born 1823 (wife Ann Richards) in 1851 was captain & fisherman of boat 27 Jason. (Mousehole). He became Habour Master in his later life.

Hoare connection to the Mann family of Newlyn

William Harris Hoare Amateur boxing champion of Ohio

Mann family tree 1 can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Mann family tree 2

Mann family tree 3

Mann family tree 4

Mann family tree 5 Mann from zennor to Penzance with links to the Himsworth family from Sheffield.

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